Easy Meeting Webcam Plus

Powerful, simple webcam enhancements for online meetings, presentations and lessons


This Chrome Extension adds to your outgoing video stream under your control. Designed for online meetings and lessons, it works with most web pages that use your webcam. For ease-of-use, features are limited to the most valuable and most used:

  • Show your support or location, by flying a flag for all to see.
  • Adjust brightness, contrast and size of your image.
  • Gently remind others of your company, department or mission, using the unused edges of your video stream.
  • Scroll a headline to really grab attention.
  • Share a screen capture to bring your points home.


I am currently getting this extension ready for the Chrome Store. In the meantime, for beta testing, the source code can be cloned from GitHub, and installed as an unpacked extension. If you don’t know what that means, then you should wait.


In Chrome, open a third-party webpage that uses your webcam, for example, the browser version of an online meeting app. (Sometimes the button or link is hard to find, so look closely).

Among search results for ‘free online webcam test’, you can find sites allowing you to choose a camera, so they should work with this extension as well. These are great for testing, and to learn the basics before your meeting.

With this extension installed, several ‘Easy Meeting Webcam Plus’ items should be among your camera choices. For online meetings, these are often found as a drop-down control near a camera icon. Lo‑res performs best on average systems. Hi‑res may not be honored by the third-party app.

It depends on the third-party app, but if everything works you will see a flag in your outgoing video image. Results will depend on your system’s capabilities.

Make changes from the Options page, and see the results on the third-party page. Tip: Drag and drop the tab of the Options page off the menu bar, so you can see it and the third-party page at the same time.

License and Privacy

This work is copyright 2022 David C. Walley. All rights reserved. Licensed is granted under a Creative Commons License. This software is provided as is. No warrantee nor promise of fitness for any use whatsoever is given nor implied.

Creative Commons License
Easy Meeting Webcam Plus by David C. Walley is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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This software does not gather, store nor communicate private information, but, may send your screenshots and text to other web pages and people.