Products and Projects

We are interested in off-the-beaten track musical innovations, whenever, however and wherever we find them. Often we can add some value with a little or a lot of research and development, and we report our progress here. When everything clicks and a product is ready, you will find out first on this site.

Every Chord Ever is musical wisdom in wood. Chords, harmony, progressions, alternate tunings and understanding is all built-in.

Hit Maker is a simplified version in game form. As you learn the rules and strategies of the game, you are learning rules and strategies of songwriting.

The Root Bass is a simple instrument found around the world. We found one in Jamaica, but it was hard to amplify. We worked on some pickups that plug directly into a bass amp, made them better, and an ancient instrument is ready for the new millennium.

Flat Panel Speakers are showing up on the net because of surprising performance at an extremely low price. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of scientific research into why they work so well, so we are looking into it with some trials, software and careful measurement.

We develop our own electronics and apps when it makes sense for a project. This time we modified a Progressive Web App at to show support for Ukrainians in a tough situation.