Every Chord Ever for Guitar – laser-cut kit


The kit consists of laser-cut 3mm birch plywood requiring some simple assembly.

The end product is 30cm x 8.5cm x 2.5cm (11.7″ x 3.5″ x 1″). All of the small parts fit inside the box, and with the sliding lid, it’s easy to take it all on the road.

To assemble, you may want to start with a quick dip in soapy water or vinegar to get rid of some of the soot and scent left from the laser-cutting process. Then, snap off the pins which are used to hold the stack that make up the main box, and the sliding lid. Inserting the pins may require a little persuasion (i.e., a mallet or hammer). You might want to use carpenter’s glue on the pins or between the layers before clamping and drying. No special skills are required, but you should be careful with the glue to avoid squeeze-out, and you may optionally want to do some light sanding and finishing.

This is the one-at-a-time custom prototype price. It’s the item I am trying to make less expensive by placing a larger order. We’ll assemble a kit for you for supporting the project at this level – about 10x the price we would like to get to.



Every Chord Ever for Guitar is a theory-free way to find chords on guitar.

The kit consists of laser-cut birch plywood, and requires some simple assembly.





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