Hit Maker Guitar Game


Hit Maker Guitar Game

Hit Maker is a game, a songwriting tool, and musical wisdom you hold in your hand.

As a game for 2 to 7 players, the simple rules are based on the rules of music, so learning to play means you are learning about music. Every game creates lyrics and real chords, which can be the inspiration for a real song. With more games, advanced strategies become clear – strategies that also apply to songwriting.

If you are more interested in songwriting than competition, play the solitaire game. The only real rule is to use the hints the game provides, and your ears, to create a song. The game and its pieces become your secret for quickly finding and understanding chords, harmonies, chord progressions, keys, modes, and other rules (to be broken) that go together into songs.

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Every Chord Ever laser-cut prototype, with sliders for alternate tunings

The advanced “Every Chord Ever” version includes all game pieces, and adds sliding strings for exploring alternate tunings, and is a self-contained box that fits in a musician’s gig bag pocket.

The laser-cut Hit Maker game, and advanced Every Chord Ever version are currently available at prototype prices. A production run is coming, but to make sure you can start playing and learning, you have options:

  • one-off kits are available at premium collector prices, or
  • buy PDF downloads for printing onto stickers, available at a stationery store along with a few other items, and make the pizza-box-cardboard DIY version.
  • download the free worksheet, which contains enough musical wisdom for a lifetime of play.