Truth and Reconciliation Flag


Truth and Reconciliation Flag

Child's handprint heart flag in black and orange, for sharing

To the extent possible under law, David C. Walley has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Truth and Reconciliation Flag. This work is published from: Canada.

In support of truth and reconciliation, I am placing this flag design into the public domain for your consideration.

A child’s handprints, perhaps the oldest example of art in the world, form a heart in negative space, representing love and the hole that remains in our hearts for lost lives and childhoods. The hands come from above, where we trust the departed souls are now. The color black represents the night, hiding truths that need to be understood, while orange represents sunrise on a new day of hope of reconciliation. The design is universal across languages and cultures, focusing on what we all share. Authentic, perfect versions can be created by any child.

Please share and use this design in peace and love, knowing that you are free to do so.