Every Chord Ever

The Every Chord Ever kit is now ready for purchase, but because my production runs are currently very small, the price is much higher than I would like. I look forward to bringing the price way down as I make more. For now, I am asking for your support to get Every Chord Ever off the ground.

You can support the project by leaving a message. I will add your email address to my mailing list to let you know of important news (unless you unsubscribe at any time) and nothing else.

Rather than using a crowd-funding site to attempt to raise money, I am cutting out the middle-people by appealing directly to you. If you can, the best form of support is a donation of $50 CAD or more, or whatever you can afford, to reserve your place on the waiting list. The amount of your donation will be deducted from the cost of your first order.

The purpose of the donation is to allow me to work on further development of Every Chord Ever and this site, and to determine how much solid support I can count on in placing my first order – the bigger the order is the better the deal is for everyone.

In return, you get Every Chord Ever before just about anyone else, plus a lifetime membership to this site.
Obviously, it is a work in progress, but with your help there will be video tutorials, worksheets for download, a community forum and knowledge-base, and savings on new products.

The kit requires assembly. If you are comfortable with model making or other small parts assembly, then it takes a few hours and some wood glue to put the kit together. We can do the assembly for you, but you will have to wait a while.