Every Chord Ever

Every Chord Ever: the Songwriter’s Secret


The Every Chord Ever kit of laser-cut plywood is at a production prototype stage. I need financing to place an order large enough to be able to offer the kit at a reasonable price. In the meantime, the Hit Maker Guitar Game is a simplified version of Every Chord Ever, and there is a Do-It-Yourself Cardboard and Stickers downloadable version, available now.

I do want to give a sneak peek at the difference. The advanced version is a self-contained box that fits in a gig bag pocket. The sliding lid is the fretboard, and it has a sliding strip for each string – meaning, you can explore alternate tunings, and even different stringed instruments.

Rather than using a crowd-funding site to attempt to raise money, I am appealing directly to you. You can help get the advanced Every Chord Ever version closer to reality (i.e., affordable) by buying a downloadable product, or a site membership to reserve your place on the waiting list, now.

With your help, this site will expand with tutorials on how to get the most from the musical wisdom, built-in in every “Every Chord Ever.