Launching the site with Every Chord Ever

After several prototypes, I believe I have a good laser-cutting design that I can call “done”.

The final step has been a good hole-and-peg – what should be easy is complicated by wanting it to work with a range of thicknesses of the laser-cut plywood. On the computer it may look like everything fits, but in the real world you have to allow for some wide tolerances when building something in 3-D.

The latest prototype verifies that the latest design changes are working – the lid and sliding strips are moving smoothly and easily, and there are now extras of some critical parts in case of localized imperfections in the wood. The wood is excellent quality birch plywood, but with any natural wood product there is always a chance of some weakness slipping through the inspection process. With extra parts this should not be a problem.

I still need a video of the assembly process for those who buy the kit. It took me a couple of hours, some wood glue and a small hammer to put it together – it was like assembling a model. Besides the sense of accomplishment, you might want to apply finish or creative decoration the assembled box and pieces. I have to look into the final cost for those who would prefer an assembled unit.

Still early days, but I want to get something out there so I can start asking for your support. The goal is to spread the word that Every Chord Ever is a short-cut to musical wisdom you can use.