Welcome to my projects page. I am a coder and inventor interested in music, physics and making learning fun. Other than that, there is no particular theme for ideas and products found here.


A few projects are at a final prototype stage, and are available at collector premium prices. Prices will drop as orders and production numbers increase. In the mean time, instead of a traditional funder campaign, I am selling Do-It-Yourself and digital downloads of some products. Buying them is also a way of supporting the project and final version.

Hit Maker Guitar Game / Every Chord Ever

Advanced prototype pieces
Advanced Every Chord Ever prototype

Hit Maker uses built-in musical wisdom so you create a song, while playing a game.

For 2 to 7 players, everyone from non-musical wannabees to guitar pros work together on lyrics, while competing for points to be the musical star of the band. It takes skill, and luck.

The simple rules of the game are based on real facts of music, no theory aloud. So learning to play the game means you are automatically learning about playing guitar. Advanced strategies of the game are strategies for better music.

The game can be played solitaire, otherwise known as songwriting. For advanced guitar players, Every Chord Ever is an advanced version in a self-containing laser-cut wooden box. It adds sliding strings for exploring non-standard tunings and other string instruments.

Hit Maker is not just a fun game, it is musical wisdom in your hands.

Root Bass

Artist with 12 Disciples
Artist Clive and “12 Disciples”

The Root Bass is an electric musical instrument from Port Antonio, Jamaica. Based on ancient instruments from around the world, the traditional box resonator was replaced with a microphone and bass amp. I worked with some local carvers to find the best way to install a realiable pickup in the best place for a clean response. We also figured out how to break the staff in two with a friction fit joint, for easy transport and stage use.

Continuing the African musical tradition, each instrument is unique with its own song to sing, and name rather than number. Beautiful and varied designs bring out the inner personality of the wood, the carver, and may even be customized for the player. These are stage-ready electric musical instruments, and works of art. I am looking forward to showing more instruments on these pages in future.

Flat Panel Speakers

Low-cost flat panel speakers using audio exciters are all the rage on YouTube. Some partners and I are experimenting with designs to improve audio quality, including bass response, while keeping cost per decibel as low as possible.

The technical challenge is to exploit new extruded foam materials and the physics of audio waves. Lots of research and development to go. I hope to update this page as we go.

Truth and Reconciliation Flag

In support of truth and reconciliation, I am placing a flag design into the public domain. Various flags in use may have copyright, trademark or other legal restrictions. You are invited to use this design freely, in the spirit of spreading love and hope as intended.

To the extent possible under law, David C. Walley has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Truth and Reconciliation Flag. This work is published from: Canada.

Truth and Reconciliation Flag
Please share and use in love and hope.

Zoom Meeting Bot

On-line meetings can use a little help – a few useful features are missing. So far, I’ve got some JavaScript code to run on your computer which can keep track of chat messages, find hashtags in those messages, improve match-ups in breakout meetings. Just visit the page and you have what you need – there is no connection back to Zoom required. I’m a member of Rainforest Alberta, and hope to do some product development and testing with them.